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Sock Tour 2015


National Sock Tour

I wanted to give back to the Men's Shelter for the Holidays so I thought socks would be a great idea plus it was less cost effective. I provided 400 hundred pair of socks to the Charlotte Men's Homeless Shelter for Christmas. I couldn't believe it! But I realized and witness a bigger cause after speaking with the Men that there was a greater need for SOCKS. The men were happy and so excited. WOW! So, after speaking with my hubby we decided to have a National Sock Tour Campaign. After careful thought we decided we would donate three thousand pair of socks to 10 cities. The following cities received socks from my organization Volunteer2ServeNGive Charleston, Columbia and Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Monroe and Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois. Our first stop was Charleston, South Carolina in April. Since we're celebrating our Wedding Anniversary we thought this would be a great place to start plus I was checking an item off of my "Bucket List" and was attending the Tennis Family Circle Cup because I wanted to watch Serena Williams play tennis. So, I was able to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary and Give Back. I chose a Non Profit Organization that provides service to kids and teens who are homeless. Our last stop was Charlotte North Carolina and I chose the Salvation Army Center of Hope for Women and Children. We provided to Homeless Shelters, Non Profit Organizations and Transitional Housing. Thanks to Cititrends, Walgreens, Dot Fashions, Individual Donors and Small Businesses that served as drop off locations who helped us provide socks to those in need. Here are a few pictures of my trip.

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